Remove your negative keywords from Google suggestive search.

April 30, 2020
VVCR: Remove content

When I search anything in the Google search, type words in search block there are open pop block and their mentioned that keywords list up to 10. Their keywords called up suggested keywords. When you typed your keyword after that have suggested keywords to related search by the users and they have found that some thing negative in the keywords. They keywords are listed by reviews site, consumer forum, listing site, complaint site, comments and feedback.

Like when I am searching company and I seen complaint in suggested keywords. This is negative keywords and its harm for your business leads, company reviews, impact business and valuation down to your competitor company.

VVCR work as positive impact of your business, so that its suppressed or removing option is given to you. I saved not only your reputation being creating the ways to you have a brand in internet marketing/digital marketing.

VVCR: Negative Keyword

There are three types of negative keywords:

  • Negative broad match
  • Negative phrase match
  • Negative exact match

Method first: Remove Negative keywords Search Results from Google suggest in the Internet:

  • Observed your negative link, reviews, comments and post socially by the user or competitors with Google’s Content and User Contribution Policy.
  • Documented everything, save screenshots, copied links, and have a trusted our team create all report.
  • Communicate with Google or the webmaster or user or authorized website which has published the content and request for removal/deleting (citing their policies).
  • Our experiences remove the content most of them by user, if user not responding so that removing content by website administration.
  • If you’re unable to completely remove a negative in search result from Google and the Internet, its remove by the Google AdWords or Google support.

Method second: Suppressed Negative keywords Search Results from Google suggest in the Internet:

  • Start work on increase lower positive keyword position from above the negative keyword.
  • Promote your content like blogs, story, image sharing, comments and feedback below.
  • Promote new keywords and generate the traffic by social media (because its active platform and result will shown quickly) like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.