How to choose correct keyword for the business.

May 2, 2020
VVCR: Keywords planning


The words and sentences that summery denoted by the content, story, blogs, articles, etc. To find them. It is beneficial to your business branding, promotion, marketing and direct contact to you.

Its clear the purpose of your website content to people and for the customer. Each published content to your website have a topic related keywords.

Keywords are found of your website content quality, anyone searches the keyword on the internet there will be present on the web page if you are correct information write the web page.

Search engine can help find on your website for match content is present, they are crawling use of keywords to all your web pages to index with your website.

Why need the keywords?

The keyword is heart of SEO. Its an important website ranking because Google is deciding to rank to your content by the searching results. When I search in internet and Google will understand what regarding your content is about and shown the list of web contents.

Overall, keyword supports not only content buildup, but all social marketing and business promotional activities, including email marketing.

Types of keywords.

  • Head: they are only 1 or 2 words, there have high priority keywords. That keywords traffic a lot in the world.
  • Body: it is usually 2 to 3 words sentences, that type keywords are good but traffic medium level in the world.
  • Long tail: this keywords 4 and more words, they group of keywords and their are bulk traffic generate in the world.

If you registered in Google Search Console account, then you access Google Analytics account, after that, go to Acquisition » Search Console » Queries. You’ll see more data, and fewer “not set” keywords.

You also identifying keywords, including:

Blog comments, Social media hashtags are essential keywords, Book titles and categories on Amazon.

If You business service providing in locality, give place name as part of the keyword generation process, its useful for local search and term modifier.

How can use it.

Web Page Content: your keywords use in title of your web page, meta keyword and the meta description.

Pay Per Click Advertising: PPC campaign run on That keywords have been driving converting traffic to your website is the best bet.

Social Media content: Social media post like links share, image share, video share and content sharing with the #keywords for local gathering.

Blogs: You can use the keywords on the blog, story, articles, discussion forum, etc. You can use the keywords on the blog, story, articles, discussion forum, etc.