Network security is common need for IT infrastructure.

May 5, 2020
VVCR: Network Security

To connect and communication between the computers through linking media surface that called network. Usually networking used for data transfer and data receiving purpose in the world.

Network using protocols for transfer information and data encryption. Right now the world connects to you through the networking, and you have to access any information which shared in the world.

A small shop, homes, offices, public sector, private sector, organization and all the devices which need in daily life are also connect in networking.

Why need security?

Its need for the block unauthorized activity against the private, organization or governmental important data destroyed, modified and steal sensitively. Many enterprises appoint employees to get data from mobile devices, network become check vulnerability to data steal and total destruction at the network.

Type of network security:

Active: For already data breach by a hacker or completely destroyed the data.
Passive: For a data is present and monitored, compromising of the security of organization and their users/customers.

Do Secure your network.

Physical Security

The network hardening for threats and any malicious activity as ensures that:

  • Upgrade hardware, like hardware firewall (Firmware) , servers (security updates) and routers (latest firmware) which using in the network.
  • Upgrade hardware, like hardware firewall (Firmware) , servers (security updates) and routers (latest firmware) which using in the network.
  • Unauthorized software never installs in your official PCs, mac and laptop, when you are connecting your mobile device official and outer network so be aware that for theft your mobile.
  • Back up always all the device programs and data.Including firewall, server, antivirus and network devices.
  • The password hardening (create the complex password.) of your access shared data and stored data at the server.
  • Limited authorize user can access to devices, network sectors, and data, also limited software can install on network devices.
  • Use complex authentication to access network like user and Password maintain and use Two/three factor authentications.

Software and hardware solutions

Firewall: It available on hardware and software also, it’s filtered incoming and outgoing packets, safe authorization, scanning files, software, updates and policies and warn to it is trustworthy or not. Firewall policy to maintain network bandwidth and content, site, network, port, services are blocking.
The network based IPS(Intrusion Prevention Systems): If firewall crash or stop and pass something, IPS’s watch malware movement for trusion of malware in the network and stop it.

Antivirus & Antimalware: Antimalware scans ransomware, spyware, Trojans, viruses, and worms anywhere when you are working. Antivirus software company regularly update their products to keep up with new malware inventions, and you should automatically and regularly update your programs.

SIEM (security information and event management): its combine of SIM(security information management) and SEM (security event management) into security management systems.

IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems): there is hardware and software both are available for monitoring traffic going on the network and through search suspicious activity by the threats sending alert when find something.

DLP (Data Loss Prevention): its functioning against detecting and preventing the data breaches or destruction totally.