Quick Guide to Page Indexing By Google

July 4, 2020
VVCR: Quick-Guide-to-Page-Indexing-By-Google.

Have you ever heard about Indexing? 

Or do you think Indexing is important?

Or what happens, when a query is being loaded which is not even indexed? Ever faced?

Also, sometimes some queries require considerable time. Why so?

Lots of, and lots of questions are there regarding the Indexing. Right?

Indexing is not Rocket Science. It’s very simple once we go through the simple idea behind it.

Simply, indexing is just a process of adding web pages into Google Search. Depending upon the meta tags (Index or No- Index) we use, Google crawls and index our pages. A page with the no Index tag will not be added to the web search’s index.

How does Google see my Website?

When you create a website of your own, the Google Bots crawl to the site in order to locate and gather the information about the website.

But if we do some steps from our part to help Google Bots, our website will get indexed very fast.

How Lengthy does it take for Google to index?

When we publish a new site page or website, some algorithms are there which determines how quickly your website will be indexed by Google. So mostly it will take around 4 Days to 6 Months for a site to be crawled by Google.

How do you know if a Web Page is Indexed by Google?

It will take some time for Google to crawl your site and index. If you want to check whether your site is indexed or not? Just go to any search engines ( Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc..), and enter the URL of your domain with “site:” before it, i.e. “site:vvcr.in”. 

The result will show all the pages of the particular website which is indexed. If nothing is showing there regarding the website, that means your website hasn’t yet indexed.

Methods to Get Google to Index Your Website Instantly

We have already discussed the fact that when you create a Website, the Google Bots try to discover and collect information about the website and inreturn it will index the website. But this process will take more time, maybe more weeks or months. 

Inorder to speed up the indexing, there are some steps so that your website can reach your respective audiences so fast.

  1. After creating a Website, you need to  Install and Setup Google Analytics and Search Console.          
  2. Do regular Blogging on the site.
  3. Try to use internal links on your website.
  4. Create Social Media Channels for the website
  5. Share and promote your blog content so that it can reach the respective audience.
  6. Add Sitemap Plugin, so that Google can index your site.

           The sitemap is a list of all pages on your website in XML Format. It basically lets the search engine know whether any new page is added or any changes are made on a specific page on your website.

  1. Add the respective Sitemap to the search console.

Bonus Steps

  1. Share your Blog posts on Aggregator.
  2. Share your Website everywhere possible
  3. Find  respective niche directories and list in it.
  4. Frequently check Google crawl errors.


Once you got your site indexed, your next priority must be brushing up your website by adding new content and updating older content, so that to increase the ranking of the website and will get organic search traffic. For that, it will take more time and consistent effort to make it happen.