Website Traffic

Sharing your website on social, to blogging, to responsive design, and beginner’s SEO we’ve broken down 9 ways for you to get more traffic today and in the future.

Referrals to your friends & family.

Sending an email or contact to your existing networks is a great way to leverage your existing relationships to get the word out. Remember that 92% of people trust referrals from friends, so the referrals can really help you drive some new traffic and/or customers.

Share your website URL

Social media is not just for sharing pictures of your kids, pets, or your favourites recipes, sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have become powerful tools to help grow your small business. Facebook has 1.65 billion monthly active users (Statista). That’s a powerful audience to start communicating with, plus social links have been credited with improving your SEO score too.

Your business listing to Google.

People are searching for businesses on Google, if you aren’t registered, you won’t show up. When you register, your listing will be seen by some of the 81% of people who search online before making a purchase. Showing up on Google will increase your online traffic, with the added bonus of directing real leads to your website.

This is the easiest step you can take right now to further your business’s online marketing. The process only takes 15 minutes, they’ll mail you a postcard to confirm details, and your business will forever show up on Google Searches. When you’re registered, every detail about your company from what industry you’re in, to your URL, to where you are on the map, to your star rating will show up when your customers are searching. Add your business to Google by following these steps, they make it quick and painless.

Your business listing to a professional service directory.

Your audience still uses professional directories to find accredited, trustworthy businesses. Adding your business listing to something as simple as your local Better Business Bureau, or The Law Society of Upper Canada has the potential to establish you an officially recognized business and (like your Google listing) allow you to show up when your leads are searching.

Ensure that your website is responsive.

If your website isn’t mobile friendly, your chances of “showing up” when people are searching for you will decrease. How? Since mobile use has surpassed desktop, Google has begun to favour mobile friendly sites in it’s search results. This means if your website isn’t responsive by now, your search result will be pushed behind those that are mobile. Plus, even if you do get traffic to your website, your audience will likely leave if it doesn’t perform well on a mobile device.

To assess your website, you can choose to hire an expert or do it yourself by starting with a simple beginner’s guide to responsive sites. An assessment is necessary, but depending on how your website was made, a total re-design may not be needed. Some DIY site builders like WordPress and Squarespace design fluidly, meaning it’s automatically adapted for mobile and tablet devices, and any professional small business website developer (like Beam Local) will ensure that your site is fully responsive.

Understand how to impact your SEO.

Your site is being ranked based on many factors, but if you’re going to choose one that directly improves your SEO results today it would be to make sure your page title, headings, content, descriptions/keywords all match – this will bump up your spot on Google.

If you work on being search engine optimized little by little, you’ll see your search result creep up in the rankings and you’ll earn more and more click throughs in no time.

Start blogging with one simple post.

Publishing content may not be a priority for you, and we totally understand. As a professional, you may be deterred from participating in the whole “blogosphere” or “content marketing” because of it’s fluffy or intimidating connotations. But, even industry leaders use blogging; it’s proven to attract more users to your website and establish your company as an authority in your field. An added bonus is that Google rewards sites that have fresh, unique content.

There’s no need to be nervous about blogging, industry leaders have proven that it’s a great way to lead customers back to your website and establish you as a leader in your field. There’s also the added advantage of joining a community to piggyback on other bloggers audiences to lead that traffic back to your site. So get started, write about the easy topics and go from there.